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Our natural stone as Organic Material in its natural beauty and elegance will inspire you!


“Feel the power of the stones!
Get inspired and enchanted!”

We present fascinating natural stones from
Granite, Jura-Limestone, Limestone, Marble, Quartzite, Solnhofen Slabs and Travertine.
All stones are always of the highest quality and impress with their unique colours.
A well-known stone from this selection are the
Solnhofen Slabs,
R13 slip resistance. Therefore also approved for public buildings. Please note that these are natural products that may differ in their colour, shape and texture from the presentation.
No stone is like the other!
Each stone is unique!


Small inclusions of fossils (“Primeval Creatures/ Prehistoric Animals”) testify the bygone era of Earth´s history. They are both value-enhancing and of unique, timeless beauty. They form the unique, individual jewellery of your surroundings.

Please convince yourself of the quality and exclusivity of our stones, which we offer you at fair prices, because they come directly from the producer. We work without middlemen.
It would be a pleasure for us to advise you in your projects with our experience.
Our stone designer will be glad to assist you with his advice.


Our Products:

  • Polygonal Slabs (Solnhofen Slabs, slip resistance R13 or Quartzite)
  • Granite (acid resistant & frost resistant)
  • Jura-Limestone, Limestone, Marble
  • Quartzite (acid resistant & frost resistant) 
  • Travertine (frost resistant)
  • Format Slabs
  • Skirting Boards 
  • Stairs
  • Window Sills
  • Made to Measure
  • Laying Products
  • Impregnation


    Travertine (frost resistant)
    Our Jura Travertine is denser than Jura Limestone and has fewer open pores than other travertine stones, which, in addition to hardness and dirt resistance, also has structural advantages. Our fine-grain Jura Limestone is mined in meter-thick banks and is characterized by an extraordinary variety of colours. The unique stone drawings make each slab unique. The beige-brownish play of colours, like the haptic perception, depends on the type of processing. With its various surface treatments, it is particularly suitable as flooring. The “Palazzo” surface with its tumbled surface, more striking colouring in different caramel and other tones, as well as softly rounded edges give the floor an antique look, the surface “Athina” is plate-blasted and brushed, with a subtle play of colours and sharply sawn edges. Due to the low clay content, our Jura Travertine is excellently suited for use over underfloor heater.

SolKer® Fine Stoneware with a natural stone look (acid resistant + frost resistant) R10 slip resistance These tiles look like the Solnhofen natural stone slabs. They offer a cheap reasonable alternative to Solnhofen tiles. They are extremely easy to clean and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, for walls and floors. In contrast to Solnhofen Limestone, they are both frost-proof and acid-proof.

The hard-wearing and long-lasting SolKer® Fine Stoneware impresses with its extraordinary properties: extremely robust and economical, also scratch and abrasion resistant, colour- and light-fast, antistatic and absolutely environmentally friendly. The slip-resistant properties of the SolKer® Fine Stoneware were checked by TÜV Rheinland LGA Bautechnik GmbH and rated with the slip resistance class R10.

Technical details:
with their large-format dimensions, SolKer® Fine Stoneware represents an inexpensive alternative or a supplement to the original natural stone and offer the builder significantly more flexibility: due to the unlimited availability of the material and the unusually large formats such as 40 x 60 x 1 cm to 90 x 90 x 1 cm, large-scale projects such as shopping center, office complexes and extensive infrastructure projects can be implemented with a very short installation time. We supply matching skirting boards as well as mosaics, wall cladding, Roman Associations and mixed coverings in paves.


  • General information:


    you buy 147 million years of Earth’s history of a tropical sea!


    directly from the quarry without intermediaries

    Surface variants:
    natural split rough R13 (non-slip!) Meets the requirements for public buildings, sanded, fine sanded, polished, matt polished, brushed, tumbled, plate-blasted

    hand cut, finely cut, rounded, rectified (90° edges)


    excellent ORGANIC BUILDING MATERIAL for walls and floors inside (bathrooms, showers, saunas, window sills, hygienic work surfaces in kitchens!) and outside (facades, garden paths, driveways, stairs, pool surrounds), the thinner, the more frost-proof. When laying limestone outdoors, complete frost resistance can never be guaranteed, but thanks to the asymmetry of polygonal slabs, it does not play a role visually. With our natural stones you can create any style from elegant to modern to rustic, as well as Mediterranean and country house style, individually according to your taste. Natural stones are also ideal for individual artistic design!


    only water and / or green soap


    100% radiation-free!


    147 million years!

    from your order to delivery

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with international freight forwarders in well secured pallets made of untreated wood. They can therefore be burned in your fireplace without hesitation.

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