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All artistic forms of expression in this forum connect our geological history, which has been given to us by art in the form of stone, with art today.

Creating is art!

Current art today is articulated in the expression of
creative work, dance, drawings, music, paintings.

1. Isabel von Maubeuge
Harmony in Pastel
is a sedate fantasy that seduces you to dream and creates a warm atmosphere. A room is filled with mythical creatures, fairies, elves and lovable nature. The reality of everyday life today leaves far too little room for the representation of feelings. They are captured here in pastel.

2. Kurt Schlacher
Paintings in expressive shapes and colors on stone or canvas
find their development here in perfection. With precise brushstrokes, the artist
Kurt Schlacher from Styria / Austria realizes the almost photo-accurate reproduction of his motifs.

3. Sondre Olsen-Bye & Tanya Georgiievska
The art in movements, reflected in dance.
Exercised in absolute perfection, with great engagement, enthusiasm,

a lot of love for one another and great sympathy for their steadily growing audience.
Some of their followers have become friends with whom the two are in regular contact.
It is the basis of their great success and for their numerous international awards and titles over many years.