Installation examples

Laying Examples:

1. Polygonal Slabs:

Abbildung 5: Verlegebeispiel Solnhofener Naturstein – Polygonalplatten –
Solnhofen Natural Stone Polygonal Slabs

Outside Installations:

Inside Installations:



2. Format Slabs:
Various edge treatments
Surfaces natural split rough R13


3. Particularities


4. Skirting Boards:

5. Jurassic Yellow:

6. Quartzite
Frost-proof and acid-proof

7. SolKer® fine stoneware with a natural stone look
Frost-proof and acid-proof

8. Travertine

9. Shipment in well-secured basket pallets made of untreated natural wood.
It can therefore be burned in the fireplace.