Technical Information

Technical Features


Stone Type: Limestone at very high density and homogeneity


  • flooring
  • wall claddings
  • stairs
  • window sills
  • gardens
  • walls and paths (for walking and driving)
  • interior (also for baths, showers and hygienic work surfaces in kitchens!)
  • outdoors, in private private and public spaces
  • also perfect for individual artistic design!


Basic Features:

  • light and colour fast
  • treatable and non-slip R13 (thanks to its natural split rough surface)
  • very abrasion resistant
  • extremely durable (hence suitable both for the private, as well as excellent for the public domain)
  • simple and inexpensive maintenance using only water and/or or green soap


Building Biological Properties:

  • excellent building biological properties, 100% free of radiation! (in contrast to some granites and schist!)
  • No fumes (fogging) like some cast stones!


Colours: warm colours in the natural interplay of light cream to yellow, beige, light brown to grey

Chemical Composition: ca. 98% CaCO3, ca. 0.5 to 2% MgCO3

Gross Weight:                 2.55 kg / dm ³

Compressive Strength:  215 N / mm ² (according to DIN 52105)

Bending Strength:          28.6 N / mm ²

Thermal Conductivity:   2.3 W / m × K

Water Absorption:         1.4% by weight

Surface:                           natural split R13

For installation with mortar (thick-, medium- or thin bed) the stones will be delivered in, nature given, tolerance sorting   to your choice. The height adjustment is made in the mortar bed. Please follow the installation instructions!

Underfloor heating:
Solnhofen stone as flooring over floor heating systems is due to its high density and homogeneity very suitable.

Frost resistance:
In principle, limestones can not be guaranteed for a perfect frost resistance, but plays visually thanks to the asymmetry of polygonal slabs not matter.

Please note that this is a natural product, which may differ in colour, shape and texture of the presentation. Colour and texture variations are given by nature. Neither they can be influenced nor to avoid and are within the shade and the rock structure according to DIN 18332 admissible. This includes typical oxidation of ferrous inclusions (dendrites), which may lead to color changes.


Our natural stone does not come from distant countries!

You will receive a certificate of origin!